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Hombre con reloj caro y anillo joyeríaBefore joining Sugar Daddy USA , you must first understand the elements of a Sugar relationship. Unlike traditional relationships, Sugar Daddy is a completely new dating game. What is so attractive about it is that we have the power to create the benefits between two people who want to improve their lives. We give the opportunity to build an agreement on the terms that the future couple wants. Although it sounds very attractive nothing is easy, each agreement is unique and each person can have very different interests.

The uniqueness of an agreement between a Sugar daddy and a sugarbabby is defined by the different needs that each one has in the relationship. When two people enter into an agreement, the first thing to consider is if your new partner is really attracted to you and if you are really compatible with her / him. The ultimate goal is to meet someone who can improve your life.

Rules to know

1. Deciding if following an agreement with the right person will take time. 

Do not give up until you find the person that best suits what you are looking for. Meet more people, look for better Sugar Daddys or Sugar babys until you find someone with whom you feel really comfortable. Money and sex should not be on the table on the first date. The first date has to do with knowing each other and knowing if the person in front of you fits with you. It’s okay to receive and give gifts, but don’t wait for them or feel obligated to do so.

Many girls enter a web of contacts thinking that in a short time they will find their sugar daddy, sometimes you can get lucky but this is a race in the background. If you want to find your ideal daddy you must be patient. As with many men, they think that flirting with a young girl having money is easy and they don’t find a lasting relationship over time. Being a sugar daddy is not easy and without good behavior the babys will not want to be with you.

2. Sugardaddy relationships are not a job, they are a lifestyle.

It is not a sexual exchange or an exchange of monetary transactions. Most people are looking for company or mentoring. Creating a mutually beneficial relationship means meeting the needs of your sugar partner. They can be professional advice, career opportunities or guidance in life. The objective of an agreement is to improve the life of the other, either through finances or life experiences.

When such a relationship works, a win to win link is created, that is, the two are happy with their agreement, improving the life of the other. Until we reach this point we must speak and reach a consensus. It is not to arrive and sign an employment contract, it is an agreement in which both parties must be at ease. This means that in the agreement both have voice and vote and we should not accept something that we do not like even if we need it because then we will be undervaluing.

3. Sex is not an obligation in an agreement.

In dating Sugar, sex is never a requirement. Even after establishing a real connection with someone, having sex or not, is completely up to you. If you ever decide to be intimate with your partner, it must happen by desire, not by obligation. There should always be a mutual understanding that sex should not be exchanged with a monetary transaction. At this point, special care must be taken because many men and women enter sugar date websites offering sex in exchange for money or vice versa. As much as you need it, don’t bite the hook, keep looking for a gentleman to help you with something other than sex.

No sugar daddy will offer you money in exchange for sex by private message, and no sugar baby will offer you sex in exchange for gifts or money. The temptation is always there, but it must be avoided at all costs because this is definitely not what you want on this website. For that there are specialized pages.

4. Don’t misrepresent your expectations .

Appointments with Sugar are like regular appointments, but there is more transparency in it. You can tell your partner what you want, you can tell him what you need and vice versa. Do not stop when you are negotiating and do not compromise your values. Continue with your decision and do not change the terms of your agreement halfway. We want our members to participate in Sugar daddy USA in a safe and satisfactory way.

How does the web work? Some rules and details

  • After registration you will be asked to upload a photo if you do not put a photo you will not be able to interact with other users. Also the profiles without photo or flat or rude photos are deleted.
  • The same message cannot be repeated constantly, Sugar daddy USA has an anti spam bot if at any time the bot notifies us of spam your account can be banned.
  • Profiles can be reported through the mail or through chat with the admin. Any person who enters to ask for sex for money or vice versa will be banned. Also if there are insults etc …
  • The web works through an instant message system if the profile is not online, an email will arrive informing you that you want to talk to him or her.
  • There are 4 types of sugar daddy profiles: trial period is a test day for SD. Bronze is that you have paid a subscription month, Silver 3 months and gold one year.
  • If you want more information about the rules in the contract conditions and the privacy policy you can expand information.

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