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What to do if a sugardaddy insists?

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Some Sugardaddys sites have a bad reputation since in some cases you can say they are perverted or crazy. When in reality, most are sweet and affectionate men looking for a connection that makes them feel better and more desired. Many of the appointments with sugardaddys in USA can end up being a lasting friendship with a lot of complicity and you can receive a lot of help over the years by several men whom you admire and want. However there are some exceptions to this rule, there are always some not so nice sugardaddys. Most sugardaddys from sugardaddyusa.us will simply send you a message to find out if you are interested.

If you tell them no, either immediately or after exchanging some messages, most of them will accept it and keep looking for their ideal sugarbabe. However, sometimes a sugar daddy can be arrogant or persistent and keep hoping that you will change your mind. So how to deal with these annoying daddys without months of drama and headaches? Here you will find everything you need to know about how to say no in an elegant way.

To clarify that these are exceptions, the sugardating world is very little problematic since we deal with people that the last thing they want is to have inconveniences and are usually very polite and protective.

You don’t owe anything

My first advice is to never feel compelled to meet someone with whom you are not sure you want to. Also, don’t keep talking online with someone you don’t think is your ideal sugardaddy. Make it simple: “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to build a relationship, I wish you the best of luck for you.” It’s an effective conversation to end and it’s still polite, so the sugardaddy won’t feel ashamed. If you want an explanation, remember that it is not necessary to give one – You do not owe anything and you have every right to decide that you do not want to talk to him . If the messaging continues, you can choose not to reply or you can reply with a simple “Please do not send me any more messages”. Some men may try to play hard to get their company.

Be nice to him

Some men may look like great men when you talk to them online or by phone. But there is simply no spark. So if you have already decided that this SD is definitely not for you, it is better to leave it little by little. Quietly you will thank him for lunch / dinner / meeting and you should explain gently that you do not feel connected to have something else with him and that you would feel uncomfortable . This same scenario is also the reason why I always recommend meeting in a public place the first time. At first you have to feel comfortable to know how to find ideal sugardaddy .

You don’t have to be around

While it may be tempting to avoid any discomfort or tension promising to keep in touch as friends, I would recommend not doing so. Leaving the door open for future text messages or calls just for a “like friends” talk is not what we are looking for.

I once met a boy with whom I had two dates. I was starting and I didn’t know how to handle it, so I left with the typical excuses of being too busy studying or receiving calls for additional changes that week. It was two weeks before he realized that I was avoiding him and not being clear I hurt his ego (he spent a month until he stopped calling me). Even after blocking his number, he called me from others. I was wrong for not being clear from the beginning I left the door open and hurt the sensitivity of sugardaddy. That is why it is better to be honest from the beginning without giving rise to misunderstandings

Give or not the phone number

In addition, you must learn another important lesson … it is also not advisable to give the number immediately although this also depends on the feelings you have with your Sugardaddy . You can always chat through the messaging functions of sugar daddy USA or you can even give it another type of contact such as kik, Instagram, etc…. In Kik and telegram, you just need to set up a username, accept or add people and chat from there – there is no phone number needed! Most men do not have a problem with this: if you ask politely, tell them that I have had a bad experience and that you will be happy to pass your number once you feel comfortable with it.

If all else fails …

If you have already said it several times and become hostile or outraged, block, block, block! It’s not nice, but you don’t deserve to be bombarded with messages generated from an abused ego! In sugardaddyusa.usyou can also report this type of action through the email info@sugardaddyusa.us or from the contact form on the contact page.

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