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sugar daddys UsaThere are a lot of different types of men that you will meet in the SugarDaddy world, and within each type of SugarDaddy there is a world. In this type of relationship, a long-term agreement is sought, so knowing and recognizing the different sugardaddys that we can find will help us choose the best one for us. Surely there are more types and sche the personality of a person can change depending on the moment he is. We must also know the vital moment of our Daddy to understand his personality. In this case we will expose six types of men with whom you will find in your search for the perfect SugarDaddy.

The gunman

I call him that because he will always want to draw his gun at all hours. This type of man is a date seeker with rampant young girls. You will often see him connected on the networks and he is usually very insistent on having an appointment.
This is the wealthy mature man who is going to want sex, sex and more sex. You may receive a couple of decent messages of this type SugarDaddy, but then go straight to want a date with a young girl and sex. He will ask you what kind of toys you like or what is your favorite position. He will tell you that you have a great body that you send sexy photos and will talk about sex, sex and sex.

This is the kind of man with money who will want to stay in a hotel or go directly to his house. Behind this type of Sugar Daddy there are usually problems of affection, a recent break and lack of affection. Sometimes men confuse affection with sex and although they need the first they confuse it with the second. It is usually very promiscuous and look for dates with young girls at all hours.

If you need fast money this is the type of Sugar Daddy that you can have until you get it and the easiest to satisfy although if you are looking for something in the longer term I recommend that you stay away since this type of SugarDaddy usually gets tired quickly and go as a girl in girl If you decide to stay with him you can also help him and go little by little, they are usually nervous men, if you are a girl who knows how to transmit tranquility you can transform this frog into a prince with whom to have good sex and a long relationship in time, but be careful Some frogs can also become giant toads, if you see that it starts sending you too many messages and asking you for things that are simply out of place.

The sensitive man

This is the businessman who generally experiences some kind of difficulty in his life and is looking for escape and affection. Usually, it is a separation or a divorce with your wife or even a custody battle. If you want a date with a rich sensitive man it may be a good option.

I once had an appointment with a rich man for several months who had just lost his wife six months earlier. We used to go to lunch once a week and actually develop a true friendship. He was looking for a date with a young girl because he said he needed someone who had no double interests and a clear relationship from the beginning.

This man will want to be able to download his problems and feelings to someone who is out of the difficult situation he is in. You may want advice; Maybe not, but mainly, he just wants a date with a young girl to listen to him. Keep in mind that when a man goes through a divorce, custody or a bad time he may have some mood swings. If just the day of the appointment has had a discursion or bad news can be a different man from the previous date. He will seek support from you but don’t let him download frustrations on you, if you see that at some point he goes over the line you must tell him. Be clear on this, just tell him that you understand the bad time he is going through but that you are here to help him not to be unloaded with you, he will understand and change it.

Dating with young girls will be a way to escape from problems at home for this type of sugar daddy, so I would definitely recommend making plans with him that are fun and cheerful. Listen to him, give him love or help him out of the routine.

The traveler

This man is also looking for an escape. He travels a lot, usually for work and wants a small company. Usually, he is just bored or alone and wants to spend time with a beautiful woman without any stress. Usually, he wants a casual arrangement instead of something more serious.

I once had a long-term agreement with a man from Barcelona. He worked in the hotel sector and spent approximately one third of his year in Madrid. I flew to Madrid once a month for 3 to 4 days and went to shows, went shopping and went out in the VIP areas of Madrid!

It was a lot of fun and men like this generally have a lot of money, so you’ll be VIP all the time. They are also usually busy with work during the day, so it is a perfect opportunity to ask if you can spend the day shopping or go to a beauty salon.

Sometimes he will want to take you on a trip here you have a post with tips for traveling with your USA Sugar Daddy .

The sugar daddy of the golf club

These are men who just want to show off. He will want to take you to society events or meetings to show off as the last candy conquered.

Appearances will obviously be important for this guy, so, unless you’re willing to get lush and makeup, this is probably not the USA  Sugar Daddy for you .

The good news is that you will get new expensive traps for any event you attend if you are a flirtatious girl and you love to show off this is your perfect match. Let them look at you with your new Armani dress at the golf club. Raise your head, smile and enjoy. If you are not the role woman object and you are looking for something more intimate you will not feel comfortable. There are many Sugar Daddys that are not posh and they like to go out on the mountain or go to a spiritual meditation retreat. But this is not the case.

One of my best friends once dated a man who was on the board of a charity in Zaragoza. She used to go to these amazing events once a month. It would be all the rage and he bought some of the prettiest dresses he still has! Although he acknowledges that at some point he wanted to throw himself in the neck and drown the subject, without a doubt they were days of much learning and now he performs much better in the meetings of society and business. This man is usually very sociable so you can also meet interesting people but I do not recommend taking the first step to talk with others at meetings, he must be the center of attention.

While appearances are important, fun and giving a good impression are also important. You must be able to repress yourself, do not drink too much and try to shut up and smile at these types of events. You are there to accompany him; Try to learn everything you can and see how people move.

The real Sugar Daddy

This is usually the type of person I’m looking for. The other guys like “travel companion” or “the man in the Show” will probably only want to meet once every month or two, but this guy will want a more regular SD / SB relationship where they meet once or twice a week. He is a real sugar daddy, gentleman and polite.

This is a man who seeks to build a genuine relationship with you: go to dinner, shows and vacations. Sex is not the main thing and there may not even be any sex involved. He will want to meet you and show you a real interest in your life. He will be happy to give you a monthly allowance and will usually want to help you with things like rent or tuition.

This type of man needs to be loved and also needs to love someone. It will help you as your daddy to what you need will pamper you and take care of you and will be your confidant. Do not be afraid to tell him your intimate things and ask for advice, he likes to feel useful and that you go to him when you need him.

These men may not seek a “boyfriend” relationship with you and some of them may even be married, but they will seek a long-term agreement. Find a sugar father like that and you will have a full and satisfying life. Cheer up!

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