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In this post we tell you some tips to enjoy a pleasure trip with your Sugar daddy. Keep in mind that we talk about a vacation trip, sometimes sugardaddys can ask you to travel with them on business trips, we’ll talk about that in another post . Whether you choose to travel with your sugar daddy or not depends on the relationship you have with him and how comfortable you feel at his side. Before deciding to travel as a sugar babe on a trip it is very important that you take time to establish a good relationship of trust.
You should keep in mind that traveling is where more marriages are broken so if your appointments have been a few hours maybe it would not hurt to spend a weekend or a whole day with him to know you better and know if that trip can be beneficial for both of you and you will have a good time. The first trip you take with your sugardaddy is better not to be too far. For new relationships, it is advisable to go somewhere with a shorter travel time. The more hours you spend traveling and changing flights, the more stressful the experience can become.

The first thing you should do is determine what compensation you are going to receive:
Before starting a sugarbaby trip, it is best to sit down and talk to your sugardaddy about what you are going to want on vacation to be clear. This includes the types of activities in which your sugar daddy wants you to participate, the amount of time they will spend together and the allowance you will receive. You should clarify if your sugardaddy will pay only the ticket and accommodation or if he is willing to give you extra money for the trip purchases.

It is also talking about when and how your compensation will be paid. You should know if you prefer payment by income, paypal or cash. If you feel more comfortable with cash, ask your sugar daddy to pay you in person.
You should also know when your SD will make the payment. You can also talk about shopping and how much you will be assigned to buy in stores. This allows you to not only save some money on purchases, but also use some of the money to prepare the trip. You can also ask for additional money for purchases on the trip. Each girl must decide the types of agreements with which she feels most comfortable before deciding whether or not she is interested in the holidays. As I clarify in another post when we are going to negotiate the assignments, we must do it with delicacy, but directly.

Make it clear that needs and expectations can cover your sugardaddy through the trip. You have to make clear the terms, how much time and in what way you will spend time with him so that there are no misunderstandings. If you negotiate everything well during the first trip and your sugar daddy is happy, surely there will be more and better places where you can go with him.

On the other hand, don’t forget that you have to pay your bills even when you’re on vacation. If you are going to be absent from work or if you are going to need additional financial help, you have to ask for it. Let your Sugar Daddy know the type of bills you need to pay while you are traveling with him to take care of everything. It may also be a good idea to pay some of the bills before going on a trip. This can help relieve a lot of stress. For example, you may want to pay your landlord’s rent next month in advance, so you won’t have annoying phone calls in the middle of the trip.

Rest before the trip to be your best at the Sugar Baby vacation

When you go on vacation as a sugar babe, you will want the travel experience to be as memorable for your sugardaddy as it is for you. Your sugardaddy is likely to think hard about planning where to go and what to do. The most important thing you can do is look beautiful and be a good company throughout the trip. To avoid feeling grumpy and counteracting jet lag or changing weather, rest early. You have to sleep well the night before your flight.

If you want to enjoy your best appearance, especially if you are thinking of wearing a bikini, avoid eating foods rich in starch and fat before the trip. Drink plenty of water and natural juices that are rich in antioxidants. Try to avoid drinking wine or alcohol in the plan unless your sugar daddy offers it to you.
Before going on a sugarbabe vacation, it is a good idea to prepare for a spa treatment. This means getting a facial, manicure and pedicure, so that you can be your best to travel as a sugar baby. Do not forget to keep your appearance while you are on your vacation sugar babe.

If you plan to go on a long vacation with a sugar daddy, check out the itinerary and try to find some time for yourself during the trip. This could mean taking an afternoon off each week to walk, relax in a spa, have a massage or go shopping. You can better plan your time alone if you are familiar with the purpose and itinerary of the trip.
There is also another reason why you should take things easy before traveling. If you are well rested before going on vacation with a sugardaddy, you will be much more interested in exploring the city or the area. Being well rested will also put you in a better mood when you go out with your sugar daddy. This will greatly improve your travel experience.

Keep in mind that each woman has her own hobbies and preferences. Don’t be shy in telling your SugarDaddy what you like and what you don’t like about the trip. This is a good time for your Sugar daddy to know you better.
If there are certain activities that you prefer to avoid no matter how rested you are, let your sugardaddy know in advance. For example, if you fear heights, you may not be interested in skydiving on your sugarbabe vacation.

Prepare your suitcase early enough

The central point of your trip as a sugarbaby is to have new dating experiences with your Sugardaddy. This means that you must prepare everything before leaving. This way you can spend more time with your sugardaddy enjoying the trip. The travel experience should focus on sharing fun moments and memories with your Sugar daddy. To avoid having to deal with unnecessary complications, try to carry a suitcase as lightly as possible. So prepare a variety of different clothes, from informal to formal, so that you are ready, regardless of what your sugardaddy has planned for you. You should also wear several swimsuits.
You don’t really need a lot of clothes to be able to wear something new every day. Keep in mind that you can buy clothes during the holidays like sugar baby. However, shopping during the holidays will take time from your sugardaddy and should be avoided as much as possible. You only have to go shopping when your sugar daddy is busy. In addition to confirming that you have put enough clothes and clothes for the holidays, you must also confirm that you have put enough makeup, vitamins, supplements and medications you need. Do not get carried away on vacation like sugar baby and do not neglect your health. If you need to take any type of medication, set an alarm so you don’t forget it.

Passport, documents, etc

To avoid complications and additional problems during the entire travel experience, make sure you have your passport and other documents ready before you go on vacation. If your passport approaches the expiration date, renew it. If you don’t have a passport yet, go get one, in fact, even if you don’t have Sugar Daddy yet, have your passport ready, sometimes things come by surprise.
Do not wait until your sugar dady asks you if you would like to travel with him, you should always have your passport ready. Because if not, by that time, you may not have enough time to renew it. It is better to confirm that you have everything you need to travel whenever you want.
Before going on a trip you should make a copy of the travel itinerary and give it to a close friend for security reasons. In this way, someone close to you will not only know where you are, but also with who you are at all times. They will know how to contact you if they can’t call you on your personal phone.
This makes the experience of any trip much safer. As a woman, it is generally better to be safe than sorry. Similarly, it is also a good idea to take some money with you. It is better if you have a credit card in your name and some cash.
When you travel with someone who has money you have to be careful with thieves in certain places. Carry the bag always forward and well closed (especially on adventure trips to certain countries). Trying to go unnoticed in certain streets and not attracting too much attention can be the difference between a great trip or a disaster. It is very beautiful to walk through the old area of ​​Marrakech or the beaches of Brazil, but you have to go carefully.

Don’t act like a diva

Although going on vacation with your sugar daddy can be a completely new experience, avoid acting like a diva. Not everything will revolve around you. Do not forget that you are a guest of your daddy when you travel with him, so be grateful for the amount of time and effort he is devoting to dating you. Try to be as accommodating as possible, so that you both have fun and you can have unforgettable memories. Basically, you want and you must be good company.
Not acting like a diva does not mean being a robot that says yes to everything. If you think you should fight a little, do it, SDs are usually bored by girls without personality. As always in the middle is virtue.

Warning in shopping

Do not order too many purchases and do not get carried away by taking everything that appears in front of you. Enjoy the experience rather than shopping, it is better to spend part of the time sightseeing, exploring new foods and getting to know the culture.
These will be more meaningful memories will make you a more cultured and more interesting person. In addition, it is better to save money to take home, keep in mind that bills do not pay alone, you can read a post on how to improve your finances like sugarbabe on this same website.
Do not be capricious either, that you have a sugar daddy that pampers you does not mean that there are things you do not need, although at the moment you want them. You should know when something is an unnecessary whim and when what is really in front of you makes you excited. When you buy a treat, it will only be one more rag in your closet that will end up in the trash, but something that makes you excited will be a formidable memory that will be in your closet for many years.

Keep him happy

Your main goal should be to keep your SugarDaddy as happy and relaxed as possible. Make sure he feels comfortable showing interest and respect. Ask him questions, get involved in his activities and in good conversations.
On a trip you can learn a lot, so he feels good and teaches you things in life. A small but very nice gesture is to go hand in hand with your daddy, he will feel loved. Help him to look better. If you go shopping you also look at things for him and help him dress well, women have more insight into fashion issues.
In your spare time you can use your phone to search for fashionable activities and restaurants and in the nearby areas. In case of disagreement, try to avoid the topic and change the conversation. If something really bothers you, you can discuss it later, the holidays are a time to relax.
That you have to keep him happy does not mean that you forget yourself to become a worshiper, you must be yourself, becoming another person is exhausting and in the end he will notice. Each person has a way to make others happy, you know how.


Dating with a wealthy man has many benefits. One of the most important is to be able to travel and go on a luxurious vacation for sugar babes that will definitely change the way you see and experience the world. You will be surprised at what you are missing.
If there are countries or cities in particular to which you want to travel, do not hesitate to tell your sugardaddy. Most of the time, sugar daddys are more than happy to plan a trip with the illusion of someone who hasn’t known much world yet. Most of the businessmen you can meet on this website are also familiar with different cities

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