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5 common mistakes you can make as sugarbabe

beautifull whomanThe beginning of any potential relationship with a sugardaddy is an exciting, but delicate moment. And knowing how to wear those first moments is crucial to the success of a sugar babe. Even if you are already an experienced sugarbaby you should remember these tips, sometimes we believe when we are already immersed in this world and we begin to have the first rewards that we already have all done. It is not so and stay tuned is better than screw up and waste time.

Here are 5 common mistakes in which sugarbaby candidates fall. Study them calmly and avoid them to find a lasting and profitable relationship.

1. Deliver before receiving

This is number 1 on this list for a reason: it is a common pitfall and often a reason why many girls leave.  Many aspiring sugarbabe babies begin to correspond to a potential sugardaddy and almost immediately … they begin to give him what he wants. Hoping to reach an agreement with that potential sugar daddy, l @ s aspiring sugarbabe are at your disposal. They answer his phone calls and let him speak as much as he wants. They prepare and arrange to meet him every time he asks to see her. Sometimes they even do something else. This is a big mistake.

Knowing what your dady needs and being able to give it to her is an important skill for a SB / SD relationship.

But it is a skill that should only be used with sugardaddys with which you have already reached an agreement. A potential Sugardaddy is not your sugar daddy yet. You don’t owe him anything.  He is just another man you are meeting before you really reach an agreement. And until you reach a real agreement, you should not be very available. You should politely cut telephone conversations without lengthening them too much. Reject frequent appointments. Your time is not free. Don’t make him think it is.

You should ultimately  find out what he wants and needs and tell him what you need . But don’t give it to him until there is an agreement and he has shown that he will comply.

2. Put all your attention on a potential Sugardaddy

This is a very common error, but avoidable, it is very important not to put all your eggs in a basket. Get a wide network of potential sugardaddys, be sure to get in touch and meet them. Think that a first meeting with a sugardaddy looks like a job interview, it can catch you or not, it may interest you or not. You must be persevering until you find a sugardaddy that can give you what you need.

No matter how promising a sugardady looks, don’t abandon your search and keep several options until you find the right one. Keep your profile active in sugardaddyespaña, try to stand out and get a “good client portfolio”

3. Not knowing when to cut with a potential SugarDaddy

If you have been on several dates with a potential sugardaddy that is not giving you what you want, it is time to cut. According to our experience, if a possible sugardaddy is not offering you an agreement for the second date, he will most likely not do so. He might be interested in you, certainly enough to keep getting value from you without returning anything in return, but he isn’t interested enough to catch you before another sugardaddy does. He is content to keep wasting your precious time.

The only time you should keep these men close is if they offer you valuable advice or something, worthwhile. A sugar ratio is mutually beneficial. Do not continue to meet a man who is not fulfilling his part of the deal.

4. Without defining its terms

The beginning of a sugar relationship is a very important moment  to define the terms of the agreement . This is something that must be done from the start. Do not make the mistake of thinking that everything will resolve itself or that it will begin to give you its terms once the agreement is in progress.

If you are looking for a fixed allocation each month, design your sugardaddy and do not continue with the agreement until the terms are clear whether it is a monthly, weekly or appointment appointment. Do not leave  SugarDaddys that only offer gifts if you are looking for an assignment.  If your apartment is going to be outside the meeting limits, let them know from the beginning. If you need to travel to see it and want accommodation and all travel expenses covered apart from your assignment, tell them.

Know your terms and make sure he does too before the agreement begins.

5. Do not make offers down

This is the only mistake we want all sugar babies to avoid. Because it’s nonsense. And it’s easily avoidable. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  an assignment is not a gift  . You are simply receiving compensation for the many services you are providing.

So why should you make upward offers?

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you think is a fair deal. Do not think that it is greedy or selfish to ask for what corresponds to you. Most sugardaddys are cunning businessmen. They will give you less than they know you are worth … if you leave them, don’t blame them, it is implicit in the DNA of a good negotiator, or feel insulted that for many their day to day is to earn the maximum benefit at the minimum cost, That’s how business is.  When a sugardaddy asks you what you would like, it also evaluates what you think your value is. Be sure to  establish your value and be clear about what you want . Always ask for what you want.

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