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10 Tips to being a Sugardaddy without problems

Hombre detective con pipaAfter studying user profiles from various Sugar Daddy website, specialists from the University of Michigan compiled a portrait of the ideal candidate for online dating. The results of the study were published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.

All volunteers agreed to use personal information for scientific purposes. In total, experts estimated that they studied about 1.1 million interactions between users. As a result, they discovered a series of patterns that attracted attention to the successful profiles of Internet users and influenced the decision of other users to send a message.

They discovered that the lack of photos reduces the number of profile views by 20 times . Both women and men are more willing to get in touch with people who post their photos on dating sites.

Smoking repels other users and reduces views of smoking profiles by 10 times.

It also turned out that women pay more attention to the height of a possible partner and more often look at the profiles of men taller than they are. For men, height didn’t matter much in their search for a partner, but they were much more demanding about the weight of a woman they would like to meet.

The role of age in contact pages:

In addition, age plays an important role. Therefore, 20-year-old girls are 10 times more ignored by men 10 years older than them. At the same time, 45-year-old women were 10% more likely to be visited by men who were 10 years older than them. Men around 40 years of age were more often interested in young women.

Sugar Daddy dating websites for some become a form of entertainment. There is a charm in sending messages, flirting with young girls and mature men, witty text messages … Sometimes some sugardaddys and sugarbabes feel comfortable in the social network and have a hard time getting out.

Here are some tips on how to find your sugarbaby without problems and take the first step for an appointment:

1. Personal data

Take care of your personal data and your security. It’s smart to make a new email that doesn’t contain your name or personal information. When communicating with a new acquaintance on the Internet, do not rush to give your personal information such as name, address or telephone number.

2 Choose your dating site wisely.

If you want to be completely sure of the total security of your personal data, it is advisable to register at sources of serious appointments. These sites, for the most part, deal with the protection of users’ personal data: personal information is not transferred to third parties and cannot be found in searches. To do this, confirm that the website complies with the European GDPR. If you enter the privacy policy of a dating site it should appear:

A name of a person who acts as DPO (Data Protection Oficcer), or data protection officer is the person responsible for the data and is the first thing that should appear. The legitimation of your data must also appear, that is, what they are used for and if they are shared with third parties. Many web pages are not located in Europe so you can skip this and share your data. The European GDPR is currently the most complete data protection regulation in Europe.

3 Types of candidates

If, when reviewing the profile, you see conflicting information or too little information, it may be better to avoid this candidate. For example, a profile indicates a location in Madrid, but its owner seems to be in a completely different city. Or the person indicates that he is working in a bank, but at the same time constantly emphasizes that money does not matter to him. If you have questions about the seriousness and honesty of the person you are meeting, or if you have received spam, be sure to report this to the site support team or an administrator. After consulting with moderators, the profile can be completely deleted, which will protect you from more contacts with this user.

4 Secure communication.

At the beginning of an online appointment correspondence, it is reasonable to use the internal correspondence system of the appointment site instead of your personal email. In case you want to stop communicating, just tell the girl. In Sugar Daddy USA we have put a lot of emphasis on giving a messaging facility and every day we think about how to improve it. We also protect your personal data but you should also know how to protect your privacy .

5 Do not trust links.

In the online communication process, you will find more information about the candidate: his hobbies, what books he prefers to read, what music he likes to listen to. There may be links to other sites in your correspondence. Do not rush to open all links; Unsolicited links may contain viruses that are dangerous to a user’s computer.

6 Don’t give money away.

Any request for financial assistance during online communication should make you highly distrustful. Whatever the story of your new virtual friend, treat it with caution. Could you ask for money from a person you barely know on a dating site? Do not forget that your financial security is the most important thing during virtual communication on these sites.

7 Take the step when you’re completely sure

Don’t deny yourself with text messages and try to start flirting with short phone calls when you’re sure you’ve found the right girl: flirt and joke with a potential sugarbaby with words, and try to set up a future date. Send a message: “I like chat rooms, but it’s even better to talk on the phone, so here is my number.” Talking on the phone will quickly show that you have an interest in it. You have nothing to lose.

8 Take breaks during your online search for a good sugar baby

When you start dating and communications, many people at first feel great emotion and enthusiasm. But this is sometimes quickly replaced by frustration, boredom and fatigue. Finding your ideal sugarbaby is not easy and there are many things to think about before giving an assignment to a girl. If you are very busy take it easy, getting comfortable with a sugarbaby can be complicated. In addition, many people feel defeated when their expectations are not met.

9 Before the appointment, discover what interests your possible sugarbaby has:

It is very frustrating to go on a date and discover a hollow head in front of you. When you are sugardaddy you know that it is not only beauty and that a girl who is going to spend the money at party is not worth it. And when you are sugardaddy you can hurt a girl with your money. Stay tuned for their gestures and their way of being and thinking. If you think it is in rare matters it is better to cut because it will only bring you problems.

10 Enjoy and make enjoy:

If you have appointments with sugarbabes remember that it is there to enjoy, have fun and sponsor a girl who fills you as a person. Flee dramas and troubled girls.

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